The Keyboard

The keyboard is the way in which you input information into your computer. It is often referred to as an input device. Information such as writing an email or typing in a web address etc. You need a keyboard to be able to do this. Here is a picture of a typical keyboard.


This one is the type that gets connected to a desktop computer. Laptop/notebook computer keyboards are, by necessity, smaller than these and don’t usually include the separate number keypad on the right.

Connection types:

  • USB: Wired, gets connected to the computer via USB.
  • Standard wireless: Unwired, gets connected to the computer via wireless technology such as radio frequency (RF) or infrared (IR). A small USB receiver is usually plugged into a USB port.
  • Bluetooth: Unwired, requires the computer to have Bluetooth connectivity. The computer or device and the keyboard get “paired” to each other.